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What our members say about their Club:

"I am pleased with our facility and proud to say I am a member at Cedar Hill Squash Club"

"Excellent facilities with high level of maintenance and friendly helpful staff"

"Great club and people."

"The squash pros seem very committed to serving the members of the club"

"Club events are enjoyable and well organized."

"Have enjoyed the theme dinners and other social events - casual, friendly atmosphere."

"My big thanks to those on the Exec who address the issues and keep the club running smoothly."

"Appreciate the work that the executive does on all our behalf."

"I think the club is quite social, clean courts, good related amenities (i.e. rec centre)."

"We have the nicest courts in town and members are all very friendly."

What's New?


Due to provincial restrictions squash in the province has increased restrictions on Squash in the Province.  Below is the list of permitted activities we can have at Cedar Hill Squash Club.  


- Members of the same household may play a match (That is only members in the same membership class or sharing the same mailing address, Members permitted to play matches)

- Book a court with apartner.  Your bubble size is limited to 2 other people. (Drill Examples)

- You can solo practice

- Distanced lessons may be taken from our pros, Giselle or Ben

- House league is suspended for the next two weeks

- All Saanich Lessons are suspended

- non-members are not allowed for the next two weeks

- masks are to be worn from the time you enter the facility to the time you get on court

- No spectators allowed.  After your court booking leave the facility.  


We have been strictly warned that we need to follow these rules or the squash courts will be closed completely.  All previous temporary rules are still in place.  


Parents:  It is your responsibility to make sure your kids understand what we are allowed to do and not do and they follow the rules.


Giselle and Ben with a picture of an activity not permitted during Phase 2 will be required to suspend court booking privileges.  If you, as a member, see an offence simply send a photo to Ben or Giselle.  


These rules take effect November 20th, 2020 at 9:00pm



The Cedar Hill Squash Club OPEN

To members only

For returning Members please fill the forms below to Restart your club membership



Return to Squash Facility and Club Rules:

Fall Hours of Operation (September 8th forward)
Weight Room privileges are not part of membership for the short term
Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 9:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Looking Forward to seeing you on the courts again:

Fall Programming:

We thank you for your interest in Fall Programming at the Cedar Hill Squash Club.  For September and October all programming will be members only.  

  • Jr. Programs - Starting the week of September 28th - Members Only
  • Private Lessons - For Members and Non-Members - Nov 2nd
  • Group Lessons - For Members Only
  • House League - Starting October 28th
  • Club Tournament - TBA
  • Non-member playing Members - Starting in November 2nd

Booking a Court with a Non-Member


1. Members will be responsible for the non-member they bring into the club, i.e. ensure they follow the same rules that members follow.

2. Members will need to book the court on gigasports and add the non-members to the booking sheet.  (if you are having difficulty, please text or email Ben Uliana to book the court for you)

3. Once the court is booked payment is to be made by the non-member or the member by phoning reception prior to time of play.  (Payment can be made by credit card or use of a 10X punch pass)

4. Both the member and the non-member must check in at reception together no more than 10 min prior to the court booking.

5. Non-payment for a drop-in will be billed to the member that booked the court.


*** If your bubble is full (you have played 2 people in the past 14 days) play with a non-member is not allowed.   


Saanich Programming

We thank you for your continued interest in squash and ask that everyone does their best to maintain safe standards.  

If you are interested in being on the waitlist for a squash club membership please use the “Join Us” button on the right hand side of the page to be added to the membership wait list.  

Thank you

Cedar Hill Squash Club


Cedar Hill Squash Club is a non-profit, member-owned squash club. The Club exists within a partnership with the Municipality of Saanich.  The municipality contributes the costs of maintaining the squash courts and provides access to ancilliary services (showers, reception, cafe/bar, etc.). In return, the general public has access to the squash courts. Members are expected to act in a fashion that supports our partnership. The Club’s policies and regulations are outlined below.

Squash Courts Playing Privileges

Members who have paid annual dues as Adult, Family, Couple, Junior or Student members have playing privileges at the Cedar Hill Squash Centre.  All club members have unrestricted access to the Fitness Room.  

Booking Rules and Guidelines

Members may book squash courts online (via the link above or at gigasports.com) or by phoning the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre at 475-7121 no earlier than 7:00 a.m. Monday to Friday, and no earlier than 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday two days in advance.   When tournaments and special events restrict availability, remaining bookable courts on those days may be deemed as prime time at the discretion of the club professionals.

  • Two names are required for a valid booking
  • Members are expected to update bookings with the correct names if changes occur
  • Members are expected to cancel courts when no longer required
  • Members and guests are required to check in at reception prior to play.
  • Members are responsible for payment of guest fees
  • A member may play only once per day during prime time. Prime time is 3:30pm – 8:45pm on weekdays and is subject to change.
  • Consecutive non-prime time bookings are no longer permitted.
  • Practice courts may be reserved on a ‘same day’ basis in person or by phone only, no moe than 4 hours prior to the court time.
  • Members are required to wear clean, non-marking footwear and use equipment that will not mark the floors of the squash court.
  • Please do not enter or exit the Squash court area via the fire doors.

 On-Hold Policy for Individual Members

If a Member is unable to use the courts because of a serious injury for an anticipated minimum period of three months or because of a temporary absence from the Victoria area for more than three but less than twelve months, the Member may apply, in writing, to the Board of Directors to exercise its discretion to have his or her membership put on-hold.  The Board will review all requests for membership holds at the next Board Meeting (Third Tuesday of the month).  If the Board so determines, the Member's annual renewal date will be extended by the length of the on-hold period.  If granted, on-hold status begins the date the application is received by the Board. On-hold memberships, which are not renewed within 12 months of the date the on-hold period commences, shall lapse.  Memberships will not be put on hold from a date prior to the written application.  If a member returns prior to the minimum three month period governing a serious injury, use of courts is subject to guest fees until the end of the suspension period.

* All memberships put on hold are subject to a $30.00 Admin fee to be paid at reception once a membership has been accepted to be put On-Hold.

Changes to Fees

Annual membership fees are set by the members by resolution at each Annual General Meeting. Membership is for a one-year period and all annual and monthly installments must be paid for said period.

Refunds For Individual Members

Membership fees may be refunded where a Member permanently moves from the Victoria area or is permanently disabled.  A request in writing must be made to the Board of Directors.  If granted, a refund will be calculated from the date the request is made. Prorated refunds may be issued by the Board in the event of the death of a Member, if a written request is made by the deceased Member's Personal Representative.  All requests for refunds will be reviewed at the next Board Meeting (Third Tuesday of the month).

* All memberships accepted for a refund are subject to a $30.00 Admin fee to be paid at reception prior to the membership refund being issued.

Late Payment of fees

Upon the expiration of an annual or Student Term membership, members will be required to pay regular drop-in rates until such time as the membership is renewed.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of four officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and up to five additional directors. The Board is elected for a term of one year at the Annual General Meeting.


All members in good standing may vote at Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings. The by-laws of the Club are available from any director on request.


Members are require to wear clean footwear that will not mark the floors of the squash courts. A Member may be held responsible for reimbursing the Association for any expense related to repairing damage to the Squash courts or ancillary facilities caused by the Member’s negligence.

Lost or Stolen Articles

The Cedar Hill Squash Club is not responsible for articles lost or stolen at the Cedar Hill Squash Centre.

Coaching Services at Cedar Hill

As a squash club, CHSC is very fortunate to have in Ben and Giselle, two outstanding squash professionals providing the best possible squash experience for our members. A significant amount of our two pros’ income is derived from providing coaching to our members and our community.

The overall success of our club can be judged by the effectiveness of our squash professionals. We believe that at this time our club is extremely healthy and a good measure of this is the coaching they provide.

Having retained three certified coaches to administer the coaching at our club, all coaching done at the club should be through either Ben, or Giselle or programs organized by them.

To ensure fairness to our squash pros and guarantee that the quality of coaching at our club is of the highest possible standard, we ask all members to refrain from seeking coaching assistance and paying anyone other than our squash pros for coaching at the CHSC.

If anyone has any questions regarding this, please direct them to our Club Executive Committee in writing.

Complaint Policy

The club seeks to foster a social and playing environment which is both hospitable and respectful towards all patrons.  The club adheres to the standards of conduct as set forth in the Squash BC Code of Conduct   If a member believes these standards have been breached by the conduct of another member, guest or contracted club Professional, a member may lodge a Form of Complaint  with the club president which will be adjudicated by the Board of Directors.  Please refer to “Complaint Policy and Procedures” for policies regarding the complaint resolution process.


If a member feels that another member has contravened club rules, she or he can file a “Form of Complaint” with the club President. 
1.0   A formal complaint must meet the following conditions:
a. The complainant must be a witness and/or be directly affected by the incident.
b. The complainant must fill out a “Complaint Form” within 30 days of the incident.
c. If the complainant was not a witness to the incident, then a witness statement must be provided.
d. Witness statements are necessary to confirm the incident.
1.1       Once a formal complaint has been accepted by the club President, it will be forwardedto the Board of Directors. The Board will determine the validity of the complaint and if the incident contravenes club rules. If not, the complaint will be dismissed. Should the subject of the complaint be the President or the Board of Directors, then the club president shall appoint an independent third party to adjudicate who is acceptable to the Complainant and the Subject of the complaint.           
1.2       Within 14 days pursuant to a decision made in 1.1, the club President shall provide
to the Subject of the Complaint, and in the case of a minor, the Legal Guardian:
a. A copy of the report or complaint;
b. Copies of any witness statements provided at the time of the complaint;
c. Copy of the club rules so that the Subject of the Complaint can review the
    rules and their contents;
1.3       The club President will request a letter of explanation from the Subject of the
Complaint. This letter should, where applicable, be accompanied by witness statements.
The Subject of Complaint will have 14 days to respond.
1.4       The Board of Directors, having reviewed all the relevant materials supplied from abovemay request further information from the Complainant, Subject of the Complaint and/or any witnesses to the incident.
1.5       The Board once having reviewed the complaint will have 14 days to decide upon one of the following actions:
a. Decide that no further disciplinary action needs to be taken;
b. Send a letter of reprimand to the Subject of Complaint outlining that his/her
name has been flagged and that a subsequent violation of club rules
may result in disciplinary action or
c. Decide that a Hearing should be conducted before the Board and ensure that all parties will be notified accordingly.



You experiencing any of the following:

  • Severe difficulty breathing (e.g. struggling to breathe or speaking in single words)
  • Severe chest pain
  • Having a very hard time waking up
  • Feeling confused
  • Losing consciousness
  • Mild to moderate shortness of breath
  • Inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing
  • Chronic health conditions that you are having difficulty managing because of difficulty breathing


Have travelled to any countries outside Canada (including the United States) within the last 14 days?


You provide care or have close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19

You must not come play squash until you are deemed healthy


Thank you,

Cedar Hill Squash Club and the 

Cedar Hill RecCenter


About Our Club Click here to view alt printable version of this content

The Cedar Hill Squash Club is located in the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The club was created in 1991 by a group of squash enthusiasts who raised the funds to build this new facility in Saanich.

The Club operates at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, in a partnership with the Minicipality of Saanich. The Cedar Hill Squash Club provides coaching and member services, while the Municipality of Saanich provides operational support.

The Cedar Hill Squash Club is proud to offer four clean, bright, glass-backed courts. Members have 48 hour booking privileges while non-members may book 24 hours in advance.  Membership fees are among the lowest you'll find anywhere! All members over the age of 16 enjoy unrestricted Fitness area access at no extra charge.  Benjamin Uliana and the resident squash professionals are available for private, semi-private and group training. The Club has an active junior program. Junior members have full booking priviledges.  Check out the facility - see what the club has to offer.  From the top-notch courts, to plenty of free parking, to the outstanding services provided, see why this is the premier facility in Victoria.

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