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What our members say about their Club:

"I am pleased with our facility and proud to say I am a member at Cedar Hill Squash Club"

"Excellent facilities with high level of maintenance and friendly helpful staff"

"Great club and people."

"The squash pros seem very committed to serving the members of the club"

"Club events are enjoyable and well organized."

"Have enjoyed the theme dinners and other social events - casual, friendly atmosphere."

"My big thanks to those on the Exec who address the issues and keep the club running smoothly."

"Appreciate the work that the executive does on all our behalf."

"I think the club is quite social, clean courts, good related amenities (i.e. rec centre)."

"We have the nicest courts in town and members are all very friendly."

What's New?

Victoria City Championships 

February 24-March 21



- limited number of courts in the city 

- it's a successful format in other provinces 

- allows people to play in a tournament when they normally wouldn't for whatever reason 

(e.g.: too hard on the body, family, etc) 



YOU schedule your match with your opponent within the given amount of time (e.g., one week) 

YOU book the court with your opponent at any club in the city

YOU will keep your own score, call Lets and your own double bounces same as you would in box league, etc. 

The Winner of the match MUST submit the score by the last day of the given period of days each round



Will be scheduled at Cedar Hill Squash Club and will have referees. 

Will take place on friday the 20th and saturday the 21st of March

DIVISIONS (Men's and Women's draws will be made based on SportyHQ ranking points)

Mens, Womens, 45+, 55+, 65+



Register Here:


CUPS Tournament:

March 13th - 14th


March 13th-14th we will be having a cups tournament at Cedar Hill! Get ready for that awesome serotonin boost of hitting those sweet sweet cups! 


Everyone is guaranteed 3 matches (1 on Friday night, 1 Saturday morning, and 1 Saturday afternoon) and there will be lots of prizes plus pizza Friday night and a social at 1550's on Saturday where we can talk about the best cup shots of the weekend


The cost is $45 and the event registration will be live on Friday January 31st at 12:30pm via google form emailed out at that time or sheet behind court 1

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The Cedar Hill Squash Club is located in the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The club was created in 1991 by a group of squash enthusiasts who raised the funds to build this new facility in Saanich.

The Club operates at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, in a partnership with the Minicipality of Saanich. The Cedar Hill Squash Club provides coaching and member services, while the Municipality of Saanich provides operational support.

The Cedar Hill Squash Club is proud to offer four clean, bright, glass-backed courts. Members have 48 hour booking privileges while non-members may book 24 hours in advance.  Membership fees are among the lowest you'll find anywhere! All members over the age of 16 enjoy unrestricted Fitness area access at no extra charge.  Benjamin Uliana and the resident squash professionals are available for private, semi-private and group training. The Club has an active junior program. Junior members have full booking priviledges.  Check out the facility - see what the club has to offer.  From the top-notch courts, to plenty of free parking, to the outstanding services provided, see why this is the premier facility in Victoria.

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Please print this form and bring it to Ben Uliana or Ian Sefton in the squash office (Check, or Credit Card) to get your membership started.



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